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Traditional Japanese Acupuncture, Herbology and Oriental Medicine by Miki Shima

Dr. Miki Shima provides comprehensive healthcare through alternative healing using acupuncture, Chinese herbs, detoxification, internal medicine and natural hormone therapy.  Dr. Shima is also the author of several books, DVD's and tapes for acupuncture practitioners.

For Dr. Shima “Acupuncture is not just a practice; it is an art”.

We know that selecting any practitioner is difficult but particularly an acupuncturist and herbalist.

The healing journey involves trust, accountability, sensitivity and respect.

Dr. Shima has been practicing for over 30 years. He is a gifted diagnostician and master clinician. At his clinic in Corte Madera, CA, he specializes in difficult cases and is often consulted by and referred to by other practitioners.

Dr Shima has also written three books, produced numerous clinical audio CDs and DVDs and for twenty years has taught throughout the United States on advanced clinical subjects. He is a popular speaker at national conferences

Institute for Traditional Acupuncture and Herbology (ITAH)

Dr. Shima established the Institute for Traditional Acupuncture and Herbology (ITAH) to provide treatment for a wide variety of conditions such as:

·  Allergies,
·  Cancer Recovery Support,
·  Arthritis,
·  Digestive Disorders,
·  Back pain,
·  Bronchitis,
·  Chronic Fatigue,
·  Asthma,
·  Hormonal Imbalances,
·  Immune Disorders,
·  Infertility,
·  Lupus,
·  Colitis and IBS,
·  Chronic Pain,
·  PMS,
·  Sciatica,
·  Thyroid Disorders.

ITAH provides comprehensive healthcare by combining alternative healing with Western care using acupuncture, Chinese herbs, detoxification, internal medicine and natural hormone therapy. 

ITAH's Specialties include:

·      Acupuncture
·      Chinese Herbs
·      Homeopathy
·      Detoxification
·      Women’s Health
·      Pain Management
·      Orthopedic Acupuncture

Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is based on an energetic model rather than the biochemical model of Western Medicine. The ancient Chinese recognized a vital energy behind all life forms and life processes. They called this energy qi (pronounced Chee).

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a medical technique of inserting and manipulating filiform needles into particular points on the body, with the aim of restoring health and wellbeing. Acupuncture is thought to have originated in China and is most commonly associated with TCM. TCM comprises a range of traditional medical practices that developed over several thousand years including theories, diagnosis and treatments such as herbal medicine, acupuncture and massage. TCM is a form of so-called Oriental Medicine which includes other traditional East Asian medical systems such as traditional Japanese and Korean Medicine.

TCM theory asserts that processes of the human body are interrelated and in constant interaction with the environment. Signs of disharmony help the TCM practitioner understand, treat and prevent illness and disease.

Japanese Acupuncture

Acupuncture came to Japan 1,300 years ago from China through Korea, and has been refined to become a whole independent system of practice. Differing from Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncturists use thin, fine needles with insertion tubes that are very gentle and relatively painless. While Chinese acupuncturists would ask their patients whether or not they felt the strong needling sensation which is often unbearable to American patients, Japanese acupuncturists cause minor pain to the patient as the doctor would “feel” the qi themselves.

Japanese acupuncture is also different from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture in point selection. While TCM acupuncture chooses treatment points by herbal diagnosis (also called “herbalized acupuncture” by Bob Flaws). Japanese acupuncture chooses points purely by classical energetic principles of yin, yang and five elements.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s ability to treat over 43 common disorders including Gastrointestinal Disorders, Urogenital Disorders, Gynecological Disorders, Respiratory Disorders, Disorders of the Bones, Muscles, Joints and Nervous System, Circulatory Disorders, Emotional and Psychological Disorders, Addictions, Eye-Ear-Nose and Throat Disorders as well as supportive therapy for other chronic and painful disorders.

Acupuncture for infants and children

Needleless treatment is primarily used for young children. Studies have shown that it is useful for treating jaundice in newborns. Infants and babies can also be successfully treated for colic, earache, ADHD, temper tantrums, crying at night, bedwetting, asthma, allergies, eczema and skin rashes.

About Dr. Miki Shima,L.Ac,O.M.D.

Dr Shima has been practicing for over 30 years. He is a gifted diagnostician and master clinician. He specializes in difficult cases and is often consulted by and referred to by other practitioners. In addition, he has written four books, produced numerous clinical DVD’s and for twenty years has taught throughout the United States on advanced clinical subjects. He is a popular speaker at national conferences.

Achievements and Honors

In 2004, Dr Shima was honored with the AAAOM Lifetime Achievement Award (American Association of Acupuncture Oriental Medicine), the highest national award in his field.

He has served at the appointment of several governors on the California State Acupuncture Examining Committee and has been an expert witness for the California State Attorney General on several occasions.

Dr. Shima has served as President of the CAAOM (California Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).

Medicine, Herbs & Supplements

As part of your first visit and on every follow up visit, Dr. Shima may prescribe herbs, homeopathic remedies and/or other supplements as needed. When indicated these strengthen the constitution, relieve symptoms or in other ways enhance healing.

To schedule an acupuncture session and other services offered by Dr. Miki Shima please call 
415- 924-2910 or . http://mikishima.com/

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bids For Connection by Ilene Wolf MFT: Couples and Relationship Counseling, Making Relationships Work



EVERY INTERACTION IS either based on fear or a BID FOR CONNECTION! AT BIDS FOR CONNECTION, you will discover your ability to handle difficult conversations by utilizing proven tools.
When was the last time you CAN remember being happy? Changing how you think is essential to changing self-defeating behavior. Ilene Wolf CAN SHOW YOU HOW.

Consult with Ilene Wolf MFT at Bids for Connection Therapy, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, WORKING in San Francisco and Marin FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS, SPECIALIZING IN couples counseling and individual counseling.

ILENE has helped 100s OF INDIVIDUALS AND COUPLES resolve DATING AND relationship problems to give you (the Stanford research evidenced- based tools to overcome CONFLICT IN marriage. AN EXPERT in Conflict Resolution, Ilene LEADS Empathy CIRCLES AND forgiveness workshops THROUGH THE USE OF COGNITIVE THERAPY (CBT) AND drama therapy .

Have you locked yourself into an unloving relationship?

Addressing all relationships: partners, family and work. Safe. Confidential.


A BID FOR CONNECTION is an attempt to create a CONNECTION between two people to keep the relationship going forward.



Remedy: Learn your unique attachment style (PREOCCUPIED, AVOIDANT, SECURE); how does the lack of trust and past hurt determine your interactive style.

Reclaiming: Give yourself a tremendous amount of SELF-empathy and compassion within the context of a caring therapist. Reclaiming the hurt, lost and disowned parts of the self.


Recovery: Going back for the lost parts of ourselves, integrating the hurt, metabolizing the grief.

Replenishment: Finding the dreams behind the conflict. To understand and experience what compassion for the self and others feels like.

Resources: Discover the resources and gifts in our hidden emotions. What would it mean to get past the anger, anxiety and depression and be the beneficiary of your own energy?
Building: Experience love as a feeling -- otherwise AS a commodity we CAN never  have enough of IT.


WE LEARN HOW TO trust, stemming from our early childhood experiences, blueprints and impressions that carry over in our day to day experiences.

Discover THE TOOLS OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SO YOU CAN trust yourself and your partner MORE:
  1. The Universal laws of love based on nonviolent communication
  2. The essential ingredient of love is the power behind vulnerability
  3. Finding the confidence to stand up to everyday conflict in relationships at the work place and home
  4. The Art of showing and receiving empathy
  5. Why requests and needs are repeatedly not met, and what you can do about it
  6. Requests as camouflaged demands, Recognizing Hidden Emotions
Learn AND RELY ON EVIDENCE -BASED STANFORD research-proven tools that help create positive changes in your relationships

We all have felt and feared our vulnerability, yet this essential ingredient is what truly connects us. This therapy will show you how to have a RELATIONSHIP THAT WORKS.


By Having The Courage --Things CAN AND Do Get Better!
PEOPLE ASK: Why can’t I seem to feel better? The answer goes back to our beliefs about people, places and things.

Therapy works when it involves a trusting relationship with a therapist who gives you the exact tools to get out of the predicament you are in. While empathy is one key element of therapy, it is not enough alone to single-handedly change your behavior.

If your childhood was filled with uncertainty, disregard, neglect or violence, chances are some of your problems in relationships may stem from wanting to keep people at a distance to determine whether or not people or situations are safe.

Finding the Capacity to Be Happy and Experience Contentment
The source of anxiety and depression is often unexpressed feelings. The impossible demand that we be "nice" at the expense of ourselves -- leaving us at the risk of anyone truly knowing who we are.


Have you locked yourself into an unloving relationship?

Master the ability to forgive yourself and others.
A safe confidential space where you can work through your feelings of loss, hurt and grief, whether THE LOSS IS recent, or long ago.
The purpose of the Practicing The Art of Forgiveness Group is to provide a safe and compassionate space to share, connect, and learn from others who have had a similar experience. With tools and insight provided by a supportive therapist, group members will have the chance to share experiences, explore feelings and move beyond hurt, and repair relationships through the use of metta (loving kindness) meditation and modern therapeutic tools -- including The Five Secrets. We do deep experiential work in these sessions, so this group is not for everyone.
Practicing The Art of Forgiveness Group meets the first Thursday of the month in San Rafael, CA. Individual session required to ensure that this group meets your individual goals.


Ilene Wolff, LMFT, RDT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, graduated from UC Berkeley and trained at Stanford University (Advanced Applications of Cognitive Therapy with David Burns, MD.) Ilene is a member of The Feeling Good Institute. Ilene teaches at JFK University and Sonoma State University. She  is the director of the Drama Therapy Institute www.dramatherapyinstitute.com.
Ilene is the winner of the California Marriage and Family Therapists’ 2012 Education Foundation Award. Ilene HAS trained and taught at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto (Brief Solution-Focused Therapy. Ilene is a past vice president of the San Francisco Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT). Ilene was the Teaching Assistant for The Milton Erickson Institute of the Bay Area (2010-2012) as well as David Burn’s Summer Intensive (2011) on Cognitive Therapy (CBT) and the TEAM model. Ilene has presented at the National Drama Therapy Conference and has been a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Tai Chi and Feldenkrais Instructor by teacher Kenn Chase

Tai Chi Ch’uan, is the ancient art of moving meditation, has profound effects on our neuro-biology and produces many health benefits as well as improving strength, balance and flexibility. Through the centuries the Chinese have utilized Tai Chi as a healing art. We now have current medical research to confirm the power of Tai Chi as an optimal preventive as well as restorative healing technique.

The Integral Way Tai Chi combines traditional Yang style Tai Chi Ch’uan, Feldenkrais™ – Awareness through Movement™, Chi Gong and meditation. It offers a blend of Eastern philosophical practices and Western mind-body techniques to enhance learning and human potential.

Kenn and Vicki Chase have a unique, personable and nurturing approach to teaching. They have taught together for over 30 years and bring a pleasing blend of Yin and Yang to their teaching.


Kenn and Vicki Chase have been teaching together since 1982. Combined, they have over 75 years teaching experience. As a husband and wife team, they bring a unique balance of yin/yang and east/west philosophy and practices.

Their clientele includes hospitals, corporations, schools and community groups.


Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi includes a series of 54 synchronized moves. The advanced – Long Form is 108 moves.  Students are required to become proficient at the 54 (Short Form) before proceeding to the Long Form.  New moves are introduced each week with plenty of repetition and time for review of previous moves.  Posture, breathing and alignment are emphasized to prevent strain.

Classes are small (generally 6-12 students per class) and you will have both Kenn and Vicki working with you.  Individual attention and guidance is offered freely.

Fees are based on a month-to-month basis.  The actual fee varies with location.  Please call for up to date information.  A calendar of class dates is always available.


Awareness through Movement® Classes
Feldenkrais® – Awareness through Movement® (ATM) is a neuro-muscular re-education technique. Developed by physicist, engineer and martial artist, Moshe Feldenkrais, it is a self-healing after a paralyzing accident.  He applied the principles of physics to his rehabilitation and was able to become fully functional despite the words of his physicians. His peers were so astonished that they asked him to teach them and a new healing technique was born.

Awareness through Movement® exercises are guided by a certified Feldenkrais® practitioner.  They are done on the floor (using a mat) in a relaxed, effortless state out of the field of gravity.  The emphasis is on being aware of ones limits and working within those boundaries allowing for a gentle release of tension and holding in the musculature.  Thus one learns from their own body and allows the body to reprogram the mind-body connections freeing one from habitual patterns that constrain the body and movement.  The overall goal is to decrease holding patterns that limit function.

The Feldenkrais integrates movement with thinking, feeling and sensing; it can also expand your potential in other areas, particularly creativity and problem solving.

Awareness through Movement® exercises enhances the learning of Tai Chi.

All Workshops include:

Instruction and refinement of Tai Chi forms

Feldenkrais®-Awareness through Movement® session

Educational components on the History and Health Benefits of Tai Chi

For more information about Tai Chi and Feldenkrais class schedule call Integral Way Tai Chi at 415 488 4213. Visit www.integralwaytaichi.com/ 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Regional Complementary Currency for the Bay Area

What: You are invited learn about a regional complementary currency for the Bay Area

When: Thursday, November 21st  2013

Time:  9:30 to 11:00~  Refreshments will be served

Where: MarinLink offices at Northgate Mall, 5800 Northgate Mall Ste 250,  San Rafael  (Mezzanine)

Cost:  FREE~ Space is limited~ Please RSVP to Nancy Boyce nancy@marinlink.org   415-472-0211

Bay Bucks is a barter-trade exchange and a complementary currency for the SF Bay Area. We help local businesses cut costs and increase revenue while building local resilience.

EMail   Web         Youtube  Facebook  Twitter

What is Bay Bucks?

Bay Bucks is a regional currency that aims to foster economic justice and resilience in the greater Bay Area. It solves the problem of the lack of cash in communities, which causes a downward poverty spiral. It also democratizes money as it enables participating members to create Bay Bucks as and when they need it. The money each member creates is backed by their own goods and services. Bay Bucks is not convertible to US dollars. This means 100% of Bay Bucks re-circulates in the region to build local prosperity.

We launched in Jan 2013 in San Francisco, and already have more than 100 local businesses in our network. They include: medical doctor, jeweler, bookkeeper, organic fair trade coffee, web developer, baker, marketing consultant, caterer, holiday rentals, business signs, architect, and many more. Most of our members are in San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

Bay Bucks and Marin

We would like to roll out Bay Bucks to local businesses in Marin. Marin is critical to the success of a regional currency because it is the agricultural powerhouse in the Bay Area. In turn, we will be able to connect Marin based businesses to businesses in the greater Bay Area and help create a regional collaborative network.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eliminate negative emotion; learn Emotional Intelligence through Warrior Mind-THE MIND-BODY CONNECTION

A Warrior Mind is a book that gives advice on how to use the Mind-Body connection to get healthy. Learn about Emotional Health. Promoting health by eliminating negative emotions

Bill Hool, the writer of A Warrior Mind, is promoting good health through understanding the emotional component of illness. His belief is that only when negative emotions can be eliminated from an individuals mind-body can true health be realized. He says that although diet, exercise, and nutrition are important they are, as science is proving, all secondary to a positive mental attitude or BEING HAPPY.  In other words, the human body will always perform less effectively if one is emotionally drained by fear, shame, anger, or loneliness and no amount of physical activity or conditioning will truly compensate.

Bill is constantly searching the internet for the latest scientific studies that point up the importance of understanding how emotions impact our health and, when he finds them, he posts them under categories so that the reader can explore whichever negative emotion is pertinent to them. And, when he finds posts that give clues as to how to deal with those negative emotions, he posts those as well. He also lists the steps he has found helpful to him in eliminating negative emotions and he lists them under FOUR STEPS on the website.


Bill has written a book for his young son about all the things he wants his son to know that will probably not be gained from other sources – the things that schools and books may never provide – most especially about sex, drugs, addiction, old age, and being healthy.  He also presents his perspective on Alzheimer’s disease and why he believes it to be an emotionally caused disease that can, like all illnesses, be prevented by mindful awareness. The book can be downloaded free of charge from the website or ordered through Amazon.


Bill says his interest in the mind-body began when, at twenty years of age, he faced a life-threatening illness and came to realize the importance of emotions on health. Since that time he has made it his goal to promote the importance of understanding and eliminating negative emotions through mindful awareness. Bill has been, among other things, a police sergeant for 17 years, a registered nurse for 28 years, a small business owner for 23 years, and an elementary school teacher. He is presently employed by the City of San Francisco, Dept. of Public Health as an RN within Jail Medical Services. He lives in San Rafael, California and spends as much time as possible at a home in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia.

For more information on how to eliminate negative emotions and health promotion contact Bill Hool at 415 479 6079. Visithttp://www.awarriormind.com/