Monday, October 29, 2012

Nonprofit Charity, Fiscal Sponsor and Incubator, MarinLink serves Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area

Who is MarinLink? A San Rafael based organization providing fiscal sponsorship to individuals and groups in Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area. An Incubator for community based projects.

MarinLink is Marin County's Community resource. For over a decade MarinLink has helped community-minded people realize their dreams.

About MarinLink

MarinLink finds and fills community needs by connecting resources, ideas, and expertise.
MarinLink helps community-minded people realize their dreams, serving as an incubator, fiscal sponsor, and multi-faceted resource for real solutions:

Homeless services,

Community gardens,

Environmental education projects,

Veterans programs,

Health and transportation initiatives.

Marin Link Projects

There are dozens of nonprofits projects that have benefited from working with MarinLink.
Connecting people to resources and expertise, MarinLink identifies and fulfills unmet community needs, strengthening Marin with nimble, solution-based innovation, and collaboration.

Sample Projects:

Warm Wishes distributes 5000 “StreetPacks” filled with new warm globes, scarves, hat6s, wool socks, and rain ponchos to homeless men and women throughout the Bay Area every winter. 

GetMoneySmart.Info provides a comprehensive resource for financial education, trainings, and counseling in Marin.

Earth Day Marin is a family-oriented, environmentally centered annual celebration at Marin Civic Center.

Marin Trolleys is working for a demonstration line providing connectivity from SMART to Fairfax. The vision is for six lines connecting Marin’s cities and linking to regional transit. Marin Trolleys is rooted in “Back to the Future.” Marin County was established along rail lines, making Marin unique in that 70% of urban Marin is still within ½ mile of an original rail right-of way.   Most of the original rail routes in Marin still exist.

Stroke Directory – The Marin County Stroke Directory — Resources that may save your life or someone you love.

Fiscal Sponsorship Program and Projects

Through its Fiscal Sponsorship Program, MarinLink assists individuals and community organizations engaged in projects consistent with its mission by providing administrative support and tax-exempt status.

For more information about MarinLink and their fiscal sponsorship program visit, or call (415) 472-0211.

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